Friday, November 13, 2009

Uplifting experience

I made a quick trip to Atchison, KS yesterday, home of Benedictine College. I spoke with Dr. Kevin Bryant's Criminology 463 class: Policing and Social Control. Several of the students and Dr. Bryant took me to lunch on campus, and then it was off to the classroom, where around 35 students were gathering. They have been peppering me with emailed questions (at my request) for the past couple of weeks, so I engaged in speed-talking to try to address each of those, so we could leave time for some more open-ended Q&A. After class, several students without schedule conflicts stayed around for a Diet Coke and informal discussion.

For me, it was a uplifting experience. These were very engaged students. I talked to two in particular who seem to be quite interested in policing generally, and Lincoln specifically. If we fit into someone's later career plans after college, that would certainly justify the day out of the office. I also received a follow-up email from a student last night that made me feel great. Sometimes you say something to someone at the right time, and apparently I had inadvertently done so.

Atchison proved to be a little further than I thought, but I'm glad I made the trek. I accepted the invitation because one of the students asked. I thought the voice sounded familiar when he called me, and then he confirmed that he is the son of a deputy sheriff I hired many years ago, who is now in Federal service. I had a hard time accepting that his son could be old enough to be in college. He's a 6'3" 292 offensive lineman on Benedictine's football team, and a spitting image of his dad--who must be awfully proud. Thanks, Steve. Go Ravens!

I took the back way home, Kansas Highway 7, hugging the Missouri River north to White Cloud where you leave the river and Kansas behind. It was a nice fall afternoon in the heart of the harvest, windows down, music up.


Jim said...

Chief: KS 7 is my favorite "less traveled" route into Kansas. When you've reached the state line, have you ever stopped to read the blue Nebraska historical signboard? It references the survey monument that's on the bluff above. The monument is the base point used by the original government survey crew to establish the KS/NE border. 40°N And it is also the base point for all surveys in the states of NE, SD, and parts of Eastern CO, WY and MT.

If you ever pass that way again make some time to walk north into NE about 30 yards. There a little wooden arched bridge that crosses the ditch and from there a switchback walking trail that leads to the top of the bluff. What you will find is the actual monument. It's a 4' bronze obelisk.

Anonymous said...

Aw, I got my hopes up to read about some Kansas cuisine! Sounds like an interesting day though. It's always great when they're genuinely interested.

Tom Casady said...


I never pass an historical marker! It drives my family nuts. I vauguely remembered that the Kansas-Nebraska act launched the public land survey, but it was pretty cool to read that marker. Didn't take the hike up top, though, but I need to do that next time. I've taken this route before, but didn't recall a marker. There are also several new Lewis and Clark Expedition markers, including one at the prettiest spot: the confluence of the Nemaha and Missouri, just south of White Cloud.


Would breakfast in Tecumseh work? I took Highway 50 to U.S. 36 on the way down, and stopped for a bite at Fannie's. You'd a thunk that Mel Mains had walked in.

JIM J said...

I will take, Who is Mel Mains? For 200

Anonymous said...

Cool story about using technology for security at FB stadiums. UNL's is mentioned. Course, the reporter is a UNL grad.....just saying.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for coming down! I'll have to bring my Crime Analysis class up there next fall!
Kevin Bryant

Steve Minnis said...

Thank you for visiting Benedictine College. What an inspiration you are for our students. They benefited tremendously from your visit. Please know you are always welcome in Raven Country.
Stephen Minnis
Benedictine College

Tom Casady said...

Jim J:

You are kidding, right? Or are you in some State other than Nebraska?

Drs. Bryant and Minnis-

The pleasure was mine. The campus is beautiful, and I was thoroughly impressed by the students!

Steve said...

Not that there is anything wrong with people from Kansas, but don't we have plenty of LPD prospects right here in Nebraska?

I love driving "windows down, music up" if it's not too cold. Seems like "too cold" is not as cold as it used to be, though.

Anonymous said...

Tom, you have to remember that Mel Mains hasn't been the anchor since 1995. Some of these college students were barely in kindergarten when he left!

JIM J said...

Tom writes.Jim J:
You are kidding, right? Or are you in some State other than Nebraska?

Jim J writes.
I was just using an odd way of pointing out what November 13, 2009 4:46 PM did. Sometimes it is more fun to bait someone into a subject.
And yes, I do feel like I am in some other State. But, most of the time I feel like I am in some other Country. At least that is what I felt the last time I went to Walmart. I guess my favorite radio talk show host, Michael Savage, relates well with that view.

Anonymous said...

This is a bit off topic but I am in the middle of reading a book by former Judge Samuel Van Pelt. I'm not sure if I have the title exactly right but it may be "WHAT PSALM SAYING S.O.B SAID THAT". It is a collection of short stories and reminiscences that the Judge collected from interviews with various people involved in the judicial processes related to Lincoln and Nebraska going back almost one hundred years. If you ever consider putting together a compilation of similar stories at some time in the future I would be one of the first at the local bookstore to buy a copy.

Gun Nut

Russ said...

I believe Benedictine produced LPD's own 1188. Not sure how that bodes for future Benedictine applicants...... j/k.