Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Most commented

I’m not sure why, but I get a lot of comments here on the Chief’s Corner in comparison to some awfully good blogs. These aren’t necessarily the most popular posts on the Chief’s Corner, but they are the ones that generated the most discussion. Here are the top 10 posts based on the number of comments received.


Steve said...

I think you get a lot of comments because you are generally fair and respectful to those with contrary opinions. You also try to answer legitimate questions most of the time. Your frustrations and/or bias are occasionally more than apparent; however, it is your blog, and you ought to be able to write what you want just like the rest of us do. It seems nearly unanimous that you are providing a great service to the city (and outsiders) through the informative, inciteful, and sometimes humorous presentation of the department and policing in general.

One quick question: what's with the label cloud that you recently implemented? When I first saw it, it was truly like a rolling cloud as the labels randomly shifted their positions within the window. Now, it's basically just a list. Is it my browser or settings, or did it change?

Anonymous said...

Bank employees shoud not accept money from customers as tips or tokes.
nuff said
Thank you for checking on John.

Tom Casady said...


I added that animated tag cloud, but then had a few reports from readers that it didn't work--after they followed one of the categories, it blew up. I think it is probably sensitive to the particular browser. It worked fine for me in both Firefox and IE8. At any rate, I had to abandon it and go with a "normal" label cloud.