Monday, March 2, 2009

Right Lincoln

I got a great email yesterday, from a former Lincoln resident. This time, it was definitely the right Lincoln. The author had discovered our Facebook page, and wrote to tell me about a couple of excellent interactions he had with LPD during his years as a resident of the North Bottoms. Here's an excerpt:

"First of all I was stunned that officers actually responded to the call (I had just recently moved back from [another city] where the police are substandard). They were very professional in taking the report, and then left. I was not expecting them to actually LOOK FOR my bicycle (not a high priority in my own opinion). After they had left I went to work. Twenty minutes after I had arrived at work I got a telephone call from one of the officers. They had found my bike. ...When I asked where they had found it, he told me that he saw a male riding it... I'm taking the long way of saying that I was IMPRESSED with the fact that they were actually looking for the bike. VERY impressed."
Not only was it nice to get some positive feedback with the details about a couple specific examples, was really impressed me was that the writer had such a solid memory of a theft that occurred 11 years ago, on February 28, 1998. The investigating officer, Mike Pratt, saw the bike ride by while he was on another call later than morning, and nabbed a career criminal with an extensive record. He ultimately went to prison a couple years later for another offense, and was released in late 2005. The sudden end to his long string of arrests suggests to me that he probably has moved to another City--a good result for citizens in Lincoln.


Anonymous said...

Yup, that is pretty positive. I like how the LPD manages traffic during large events. The Lincoln Marathon is just two months away and I have always been impressed with how they keep the runners safe and the traffic flowing. The occasional word of encouragement is also pretty cool.

that's what she said...

This is how I know it's the right Lincoln. I once remember hearing you comment how much you 'liked' this statue Chief.

Tom Casady said...

The Lincoln statue I really like is the brand new one installed on Lincoln Mall between 10th and 11th. It's marvelous--a must see.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this societal tumor belongs in the "wrong Lincoln" category? From the description, he's a little on the small side, which my be why he mostly robs female clerks, and he's adding another despicable Part I crime to his MO.

This is almost turning into a productive career for him; the sooner he gets downsized (or preferably, terminated), the better. Are there any surveillance video or stills of this maggot from the previous robberies?

Anonymous said...

Well, the Journal-Star did it again, they redacted a critical physical detail from the suspect's description, the same detail they usually redact. I can only conclude that the LJS does not want this violent felon arrested! If they did want him apprehended, they'd do their part and print the full physical description, as it was released to them by LPD. Once again, the LJS social justice agenda takes priority over reporting the news. Rutledge may be gone, but her spirit lives on. I submittted a comment to that effect on their web site, but they won't post it! They're very sensitive about having their journalistic malpractice pointed out.

To the credit of KOLN, on the other hand, they did print all the description details. When you can eliminate over 90% of slender, young adult males from the pool of suspect possibles, you do it.