Friday, March 27, 2009

Everyone’s got one

An opinion, that is. The anonymity of the comments on the Lincoln Journal Star’s website causes people to write some things that they probably would never say if their identity was known. Personally, when I post, I do so over my actual name. I don’t put too much stock in anonymous comments to news articles, though from time to time there are thoughts worth heeding.

These two struck me this week, because they were two days apart, and both relate to traffic enforcement (or the lack thereof) on the same street.

This comment is from an article concerning a fatal accident that occurred at 84th and Leighton:

brian wrote on March 26, 2009 1:50 pm:

" I think it is time the city starts enforcing their traffic laws instead of weed laws, if they did i believe we would have less accidents resulting in death or permanent disability. I was disabled in an accident right here in lincoln due to someone running a red light. the new stoplight is not going to help until the police start emforcing stoplight and stop sign violations. Hopefully Tom Cassidy reads the paper and decides to do what they are paid to do , that is enforce the traffic laws, then maybe noone else has to live in agony or die due to needless traffic accidents. "

This one is from an article concerning two recent rape/robberies in the City:

Losing respect wrote on March 24, 2009 2:22 pm:

" LPD is quickly losing more and more respect when they have police officers standing in the middle of 84th Street with a radar gun pulling over people for a minor traffic offense of speeding. I guess this is the only "crime" they can seem to handle. Is it time to call in the big time guys from another agency? "

Getting jabbed from both directions at the same time comes with my territory. It’s one thing to have your ear to the rail of public opinion, it’s another to stick your finger in the air to see which way the wind blows. You’ve got to have your own compass.


Anonymous said...

That's is the way of life. When someone gets a traffic ticket it becomes a matter of "the police have nothing better to do than pick on me". When you are injured by a drunk, your quest in life is to combat drunk drivers. When tragedy hits your family, that becomes your focus and quest in life.
That is just the way it works.
Oh I hope you don't mind that this is anonymous

Anonymous said...

Ah, drive-by posters; a lot of them barely even skim the story before pounding out a comment. In any case, if I was going to criticize you, I'd at least take the time to learn how to spell your name. After all, with that reddish hair, you look like a Casady, not a Cassidy.

Anonymous said...

I'm just a tid bit confused of their comments on LJS. So enforce traffic laws not weed laws. OKAY??? Some people just have too much time on their hands and shouldn't try to figure out the law, period. LOL wow.....

Anonymous said...

You can't win for losing!

As far as anonymity goes: If you are using your computer to send a message even if you don't put your real name on it you are not anonymous. You leave an electronic trail right back to your computer. If you commit a cyber crime you can be found out.

Personally I think that any E-mail or other electronic communications should include the real IDENTITY of the sender. It is one thing to act like a total idiot if nobody knows who you are and another thing to attach your real name to it.

Plus thanks to GOOGLE, the Internet is forever.

Gun Nut - - - not my real name.

Ken said...

Their feelings are understandable, Tom, but I wonder how they would feel if they were judged by the same standard? Differently, I think.
Ken Handy

Anonymous said...

Tom, I know this has absolutely nothing to do with your post but I had a question. I noticed on the door of Kwik Shop on Touzalin and Fremont that they have a picture from their security camera of the 3 robbers that held them up at gunpoint. How come that picture isn't on crimestoppers website??? Maybe you didn't know that they had a picture up. I personally think that the more pictures that they release the easier it will be to catch these guys. I'm definately keeping my eyes open and being a little more aware of my surroundings now when I am at work.

Atticus said...

The biggest problem is that people seem to see things one dimensionally. One person will post a comment complaining about the lack of enforcement of 'A', while another will post a complaint about the OVER enforcement of 'A'. People need to start looking at the big picture, not just the one piece of the puzzle that their individual experience has illuminated. Maybe that comes with age? I know I see the big picture now better than I did 20 years ago. I've been a little myopic in the past but now I really take the time to try to see all sides before I open my yap. That can take some effort. Of course, judging by the absurdity of some of the comments I have read in the LJS, I have to assume some people are just playing Woody Woodpecker and trying to be an instigator. No one could really be THAT stupid could they?

Anonymous said...

Yes Atticus, there are stupid people!!!!!!!!!!

Steve said...

My rule of thumb in reading LJS comments is: three misspellings or gross gramatical errors, and I move on to the next comment. Why waste time trying to figure out what the stupid people think about anything. That's not to say they're not entitled to an opinion. I just don't care what it is. I'll give a bit on the spelling and/or grammar if the idea being presented is fairly clear and makes good points.

As for my own posts, I probably have a typo or two now and then, and sometimes I'll take an extreme position in order to make a point. However, I usually try to acknowledge any reasonable points made by those on the other side of an issue.

One also has to keep in mind the fact that most comments are from those who have an ax to grind and don't necessarily represent the majority opinion. People who are happy with the status quo don't usually take the time to write about it.

that's what she said...

I read a lot of the LJS comments and it's not just law enforcement that they complain about. When it snows, for example, read all of the comments about how long it takes the city to clear the streets. Then, if the city puts down the salt brine solution, and it doesn't snow, the cry babies come out in force to complain about the city wasting money.

Steve said...

That's what she said:

There's nothing wrong with people complaining about both sides of an issue, unless it's the same people. I just wish more people would realize that they're not going to influence anyone to their point of view when they write like an idiot or an insane whacko. Some people actually turn others against their point of view with their biased, inflammatory remarks, written in the style of a drunken second grader.

As for the salting of the roads, I guess I'm one of the cry babies. In my opinion, it's not only a waste of money, but also accelerates the deterioration of our automobiles. The way I see it, if you can't drive on a little snow or frost, you shouldn't be living in this part of the country.

Anonymous said...

Off point but here goes.
Why cant I accept people who are mentally challenged? When I catch myself referring to someone as a "nut" or "being a little bit off" I am simply exposing my own incompleteness and inadequacy.
I think this makes us human.
I often here police refer in this fashion, so perhaps we could start a support group. Inadequacy Anonymous.

car54 said...

Jim J

I do not think you will have much luck with police offices having anything to do with a group that might go by the intials IA.


that's what she said...

I agree that it is a waste of money Steve. The point I was trying to get across was that the PD is not the only department people complain about and no matter what anyone with the city does there is someone unhappy with it.

I actually think the salt was put down because there was not much need for it this year and if it didn't get used money for it would be cut from next year's budget.

Anonymous said...

The sad truth is there are a lot of less than fully mentally capable individuals out in our city.

I am sure LPD gets to deal with a large share of them - and as with anything it can seem like they are all around you!!

I've seen things that would scare any grown man. A woman accuses you of breaking into her apartment and using household cleaners to poison the food she previously tossed, but is now in her fridge with such detail and color that it MUST be true. She can also look you in the eyes and state she is not crazy and any such indications will solicit a furry of lible suits...

Mental instability is not against the law.

Tammy said...

Don't you love the age of "the comment"? You know what they say; opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one. I find the LJS comment sections a good source for a giggle once a day or so. I comment occationally, but I try to do so with some decorum, if that's possible. Everyone has an axe to grind, and the City/State/Fed government is always a nice, easy, ripe target. People feel ownership of something they feel they pay for. Personally, I think LPD does a fine job, and I don't think a lot of people in this town appreciate the amount of crud officers sometimes have to deal with. You can't put too much stock in a bunch of internet whiners, if they're legit they'll find a legit way to express themselves that doesn't involve a username.

Anonymous said...

It's only 'over enforcement' when YOU are the one getting caught.

Charity Martin said...

My comment is a bit late, I know. But...

As the mother of a small child who lives on Leighton not far from 84th, I am VERY thankful for the officers who (especially at the beginning of the school year) spend time to stop speeders along Leighton. With Kahoe Elementary here, many people seem to think they have the right to go as fast as they want. More than once have I had to dash across the street because a driver was speeding. I have had someone pass me on the left when I'm trying to make a left hand turn into my own driveway. I have had people - taking their child TO Kahoe - pass me on a residential street because I have the nerve to do the speed limit.

LPD officers make sure those people slow down at least a few times a year. And for that, I thank you!