Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More from the inbox

I posted a couple of interesting emails a few months ago on the same topic. Here's another one received last Thursday night:

"Let me start by just saying that I think that the Lincoln Police Department needs better things to do! It saddens me to know that my tax paying dollars are going towards cops sitting on the side of the road clocking people as they are going to and from their jobs. Yes recently I was waved off the road for speeding in my $300 vehicle that I just bought to save on gas which the speedometer doesn't work in.

I was following a vehicle which I thought to be going about the speed limit comeing back from picking up my perscriptions after working a 12 hour shift on my way home, just wanting to get home so that I could go to bed. Do you people really have nothing better to do that make times harder on the working middle class people?? I work two jobs, have a house and truck payment, trying to make it in this world on my own, and this happens! For what? So my insurance can go up? Make times a little harder for me? So the LPD can pay for their gas that they're buring in their cars while sitting on the side of the road? Really...What other towns have speed traps?

I'm not trying to sound like i'm wineing here because i'm not and yes I was speeding, but when all is said and done, my tax dollars are going towards selective cops that are screwing the working middle class people! I've had 3 speeding tickets sinse living in Lincoln and all were going to and from work and all were speed traps. How is this fair? You say that your job is to protect and serve...It's more like to screw the middle class working american! Keep up the great work! What a joke! Where would we be without you fine officers?!"

Justin, I'm sorry you got another speeding ticket. I am also sorry you weren't wearing your seat belt as required by law--again. I know that another hefty fine is no fun. We tried to warn you.

Ensuring safety by enforcing traffic laws is one of our most important duties. Just exactly how would you expect us to enforce the speed limit, other than clocking people from the side of the road? It's our job to catch speeders, and I don't think we need to apologize for doing so effectively. Maybe if you wouldn't drive 15 MPH over the posted speed limit through a school zone in front of Goodrich Middle School, you wouldn't get a speeding ticket.


hrb said...

"my $300 vehicle that I just bought to save on gas which the speedometer doesn't work"

Oh, how I wish the Nebraska Safety Inspection statutes were to return; back in the day, a vehicle like this would be off the road for a few days until it could pass inspection.

Imagine how the Justins of the world would have something to complain about when they couldn't drive a $300 car?

Anonymous said...

Here is a news flash - I was driving around Lincoln this weekend and drove through at least 4 "speed traps" that I noticed. Strangely I did not get any speeding tickets not because I batted my eyelashes at the officer but because I was NOT SPEEDING!

I live near a well used "speed trap" - J street - how do I know, because the cop sits in front of my house and shoots radar.

Oh - and I always were my seatbelt - just another way to avoid a ticket in this town.

Anonymous said...

I can relate. (But don't be mad at LPD for doing their job.) I have a class A CDL from my college years so no diversions is possible. After a series of 5-10 over mostly due to a stressful work environment... and a court clerk that "lost" my documentation for over 2 years, my license has been suspended.

Funny enough, I had but one incident due to ice since the 2 year stretch of poor driving. I learned my lesson, but that isn't enough for an over-bearing state like Nebraska.

I never disputed the fines as I admit I was at fault, but the real t-twister comes from the 3-4 year delay in the suspension and the fact no judge now is willing to give my case a fair hearing even though I tried at both county and district levels.

Now, as a business owner, this cost me several thousands of dollars in real attorney costs, lost business, lost productivity, and other additional costs.

I tried to be a good citizen and pay my fines, but to revoke a license for failing to yield and 5 mph over is junk. Not LPD's fault, but the horrible state statues.

Nearly a year later, I have yet to navigate the state statutes designed to restrict a motivated person and get a valid permit. (I never in my life figured I would be in the spot of breaking the law every time I get in one of my trucks.)

LPD: Keep up the good work - especially in our neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

@ Justin


Stay in school (and buckle up).

Anonymous said...

6:43 AM

Hey, could you keep your secret quiet??
Traffic tickets help pay for LPS and I have kids that attend school here.
If you let everyone know that driving the speed limit, wearing seatbelts, stopping for red lights, and following other crazy laws works, it might raise my property taxes.
Traffic enforcement is a tax on the careless...shhhhhhhhhhh.

Anonymous said...

The main problem here is Justin's lack of self-responsibility. I've noticed that in today's society that everyone wants to blame someone else for their issues. No one wants to take responsibility for their own actions. It's sad.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that its uphill both ways to Justin's place of employment.

And to think that the cops are sticking it to the working middle class....

Perhaps we wish the next police chief to be a democrat where only the rich are caught in speed traps and the middle class can put their fines toward affordable state sponsored healthcare premiums.

Jim Malone said...

Dear Justin,
Screwing the workig middle class? That's funny, that's the same class I also fall into. I too have a truck and house payment, not to mention many other expenses. I think it's safe to say that if you have had 3 speeding ticket since you've lived in Lincoln, they weren't all written by the same officer. Looks like YOU are the common denominator in those incidents. Pretty easy solution though, SLOW DOWN and or set your cruise control.
You asked, 'What other towns have speed traps?' Seriously?? Pretty much every town that has law enforcement, Justin. In other states as well, I've seen them. If you don't believe me, take a road trip in your $300 car with NO SPEEDOMETER and you will probably find every one.
You had said that you were upset that 'my tax dollars are going towards cops... clocking people' Don't fret Justin, I too pay taxes and this one's on me. Besides, you were given the rare opportunity to see your money at work.
Lastly, It's been explained numerous times that LPD does not profit from tickets, rather, Lincoln Public Schools gets the proceeds to help fund education. This enables them to offer better classes, for instance, spelling, so that their students know how to spell basic 4th grade words like, coming, prescriptions, whining and since.
I know times are tough. They're tough for all of us, but I'm guessing that the fine amount of your speeding ticket would have covered the cost to fix your speedometer...

JIM J said...

I bet he would love to drive behind me. The bumper sticker I have a says " The closer you get the slower you go"

And another car I have says,
"Warning: Driver slows for tailgaters"
Spelling was intentional.
No sympathy here. You speed you pay. If you must speed work to jobs to pay the tickets.

Anonymous said...

If in fact it was a "trap" then everyone who drove by would fall into it or get caught up in it? Drive the speed limit Duh! Just curious were one of those prescriptions for your ADHD medicine? You might have a shot in court if it was.

Anonymous said...

Get up early, get ready early, and eat a nice, relaxed breakfast at home. Leave early, drive in a safe, sedate, alert manner, perhaps listen to some relaxing tunes from the Chairman on the way, and arrive early. Sit there and chuckle at all the habitually-late people rushing in, frantically finishing their shaving and make-up. It's better for your blood pressure, and you'll enjoy life more. Try it, you'll like it, and you just might help to de-fund a school "grief counselor", prompting them to choose a more useful career.

By the way, when one driver rear-ends another, due to admitted inattention, why would one cite them for negligent driving, rather than the heftier charge of careless driving?

Anonymous said...

I have noticed at least two locations around town that have radar displays on signposts that tell you how fast you are going. If I remember correctly one was around 70th and Cornhusker and the other South of the Old Cheney and 14th Street intersection.

Are these accurate? If they are the speedometer on my motorcycle is reading at least 5 mph faster than the radar. Are these put in place by the City or State and are there other locations I am not aware of?

Gun Nut

Tom Casady said...

Gun nut:

The other ones I can think of are on Highway 2 just east of 92nd Street, and inbound on I-180 approaching downtown. I think these all belong to the City of Lincoln. I don't have any reason to doubt their accuracy. Get a friend to pace you at a fixed speed of 50 MPH on Cornhusker east of 84th, or on Hwy 77 north or south of town, and see if it's your speedometer. Better that it should read fast than slow!

Anonymous said...

Using the milepost signs on the Interstate is a great way to check your speedometer. Mileposts are an even mile. 60 mph 60 seconds. 70mph 50 seconds. Keep your eyes on the road, don't want you to crash and burn!

Anonymous said...

There's one on Hwy 6 just west of 84th street going WB too.

Anonymous said...

To: 9:08

Love your post! I couldnt have said it better

Anonymous said...

Chief, always love your "corner" but this one has been particularly entertaining. How about dedicating one a week to the dunderheads?

Anonymous said...

Justin, sure you don't want to put some of the blame for this on the kids going to school? Might as well send some their way so you can complete your application for certificate of stupidity........

Phillyun said...

I'm a little late here, but ...
1) Use a GPS, they are fairly accurate, but most have a slight delay.

2) There are mile-markers that can be helpful too.
- 3600/seconds = MPH
Set your cruise at the speed you want to confirm. Record the time to travel one mile. Do the math.

mph | sec
120 = 30 sec (This is a VERY bad idea to test off the track)
90 = 40 sec
80 = 45 sec
75 = 48 sec
60 = 60 sec (this is the easiest check)
50 = 72 sec
45 = 80 sec
40 = 90 sec
35 = 103 sec
30 = 120 sec
25 = 144 sec

Yes, this is why school zones "feel" slow, but at highway speeds, speeding doesn't get you there faster. (Slow down for the kids anyway Justin, school zones aren't that long)

HINT: Have a passenger help and do NOT use your odometer. If your speedometer is off, your odometer is also off.