Tuesday, February 26, 2008

From the inbox

On Friday, I received this missive:

"Chief Cassidy,

Just wanted to take a minute of your time to alert you of the growing speeding problems on Capital Parkway West. With O Street being closed due to the bridge replacement, many drivers are exceeding the speed limit to make up for the additional drive time. As I drive this route to work every day, I'm often passed by cars at least 10 if not 20 mph over the limit. This morning again I was nearly rear ended by a speeding car. As I neared downtown I slowed for the drop to the 35 mph limit and since the car in the left-hand lane also slowed, the speeding car had to hit the brakes pretty hard to keep from hitting us.

I rarely see any traffic enforcement on this road. Maybe once a month or so. I hope the Police department could pay more attention to this stretch of road.

Thanks for your time."

On Monday, this message arrived:

"To Whom It May Concern,

I live in southwest Lincoln and use Rosa Parks Way at least 2-4 times a day. Speeding does not seem to be a big problem on this road, other than a few that I have seen in the past 2 years, the fastest of which, did get pulled over. The problem that I have is that the police department regularly has speed checks on this road. I have never gotten a ticket for speeding in Lincoln, but they pull everyone over going just over the speed limit, even though there are no hazards around (schools, residences, commercial properties, pedestrians, bicyclists, etc.)...I will change my route, even though it will add 10-15 minutes to my commute. Then, another young person with advanced degrees will leave the city of Lincoln ASAP. Please let me know what you will do to remedy this situation."
For my out-of-town readers, you should know that Capital Parkway West was renamed Rosa Parks Way last year. Both correspondents are referring to the same stretch of road. Maybe I should just forward each of them the other's email.


Anonymous said...

I thought the people with advance degrees were leaving because there are no businesses that pay as much as they can make elsewhere. I didn't realize it was due to the traffic tickets.

Anonymous said...

Rosa Parks Way is one of those streets where you just WANT to go faster than the speed limit because it's such a nice street. I took a STOP class a couple years ago and they warned me about those. Not wanting to take another stop class, if in doubt about the speed limit, I'm sure I go too slow. Live and learn. :)

Anonymous said...

I couldn't even get half of these correct, wondering if you would fair any better:


Anonymous said...

Wow, leaving Lincoln just because LPD is doing their job. I love seeing LPD run radar and pulling vehicles over. The speeders are breaking the law. Isnt this what we pay LPD to do, catch the law breakers regardless of the law? Good job LPD and keep it up!!!

Tom Casady said...

The guy behind the curtain sent me a list of official speeding citations for November, December, and January we issued on Rosa Parks Way. Looks like we're not exactly scraping the bottom of the barrel.

11-01-2007 2113 61 45
11-01-2007 2129 56 45
11-08-2007 1020 58 45
11-08-2007 1028 57 45
11-08-2007 1038 55 45
11-08-2007 1050 55 45
11-08-2007 1918 50 35
11-08-2007 1945 50 35
11-14-2007 0955 55 45
11-14-2007 1002 55 45
11-14-2007 1012 60 45
11-14-2007 1024 56 45
11-14-2007 1033 56 45
11-14-2007 1041 56 45
11-20-2007 1056 46 35
11-29-2007 1115 61 45
12-03-2007 0942 57 45
12-28-2007 0120 55 45
12-28-2007 0147 56 45
12-31-2007 0225 48 35
01-04-2008 2320 57 45
01-04-2008 2342 57 45
01-07-2008 1518 65 45
01-09-2008 1523 63 45

Anonymous said...

Chief: I think you made the point for the first poster. In December and January only three cites during normal (I know in Lincoln this is impossible) traffic. Your November figures shows that speeding is a problem during the normal drive time and enforcement could be enhances. Not many commuters out at 0120.

Anonymous said...

I hope when he and his "advanced degree" (WOW!!) leave Lincoln they don't take the interstate. I have yet to see "schools or businesses" on the interstate, but Troopers write numerous tickets there... If they don't stop that, people with advanced degrees may quit using the interstate! Whatever will we do?

Anonymous said...

Just curious, but what was your response to the 2nd emailing you received?

Tom Casady said...


Remember, these are only the official citations--not warnings. There are nearly 1000 miles of City streets in Lincoln, so you can't exactly expect much enforcement focus on every stretch. Emailer Number 2 is somewhat correct, in that there are relatively few accidents on Rosa Parks Way--so it doesn't really merit a huge amount of attention from that standpoint.

Often, though, you focus enforcement on places where you will be highly-visible--in order to maximize general deterrence. From that standpoint, Rosa Parks Way is a very good choice. I still watch my speedometer every time I'm on Vine Street between 33rd and 46th, 35 years after the fact....

Anonymous said...

I drive Rosa Parks Way everyday between 4:30 and 5:00 am. I find it to be a safe road to be on as I have driven it for two years. I also find that the speeders are there also. Generally lite in traffic but very fast. Seems odd that most of the ones I have seen pass me are dressed in Dark blue pants and light blue shirts. Most of them follow the same stretches of ready daily. 17th and L west to Rosa Parks way to S Codington, south to W Vandorn and then West to LCC.

Some of them even stop at the Local Handy Shop daily Hense the descriptions.

I have found that going 5 miles an hour under the posted limit really angers them and I have been given the ole one finger salute many times.

As in an earlier blog, these infractions cant be put under the habitual offender statute. But it would be funny to see one wearing a number just like the people they are suppoded to role model.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but be amazed at the tolerance it must take when confronted with such citizen attitudes. I don't believe I could hold my tongue long enough to retain your job for long. As Shakespeare said, "Silence then,for I am not bound to please thee with my answers."

Anonymous said...

Speaking of speeding, I'll bet that these two travelers, in retrospect, now think that setting the cruise control to a legal speed would have been a much better game plan. I have a hunch that child abuse charges will also be filed, since committing a serious felony in the presence of a child tends to be frowned upon.

Anonymous said...

You always said it and now there's proof... You can't please everyone.