Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A ray of light in the dark

I received word on Monday from the property manager at Gold's Galleria that Opulence Ultra Club has closed. Opulence has been a drag on our limited resources, and the scene of several rather ugly events. But now it's gone, cleaned out of the valuables, and trashed, she reports. It appears that the Director of Security will have to look for a new nightclub to practice his craft.

Maybe there will now be a lull for a while, at least until the next of six or seven nightclubs that have gone broke in the same spot surfaces. But--here's the good news--I will have a new arrow in my quiver when someone applies for a liquor license there. Last session, former State Senator (now City of Lincoln Director of Urban Development) David Landis shepherded a measure (LB 845) through the 2006 legislature that allows the Liquor Control Commission to consider the concentration of licenses in an area and it's impact on law enforcement.

Our data , analysis and testimony was crucial in getting this monumental change in Nebraska law, and you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be rolling out the information and data on the sucking sound from downtown when the time is ripe if someone with a line of credit and a dream proposes the same kind of preposterous drain on police resources. Where is Lance Brown?


Anonymous said...

Why don't we see someone open a nice, quiet, relaxing piano bar? Why do we have so many two-bit bars opening that cater to the drunk-punk crowd? Because of the over abundance of kids brought to the area because of UNL. Now, how do we address the issue from there?

Anonymous said...

I am pleased to see that Opulence is gone as well. I have a feeling that most Lincolnites are not aware of what the madhouse that is downtown is like for the LPD on weekend nights. I pass through there on the way home from gigs and it's reminiscent of a soccer riot. This is certainly not the fault of the police and I am frankly surprised that worse things haven't happened. I hope that at some point the politicians will stop selling voters a bill of goods when election time comes around. There are consequences to "tax cuts" that include a decrease in services.

Anonymous said...

With any luck, like flies to...fertilizer, the most troublesome regulars from Opulence et al. will do their trouble-making up in Omaha. Sure to be one of OPD's biggest headaches, Club Nico (roughly I-680 and W. Dodge) might just be the stinky pile to draw those flies, at least for those with a vehicle reliable enough to go 50 miles.

Nico's has (and I'm not making this up, ) their 3rd annual "Pimp n' Ho Costume Ball" coming up this month. "Dress the part", they advise.

Swid said...

Chief Casady, if at all possible, I'd be very interested to see a future blog post devoted to your thoughts on the hypothetical impact a later bar closing time (say, 3 a.m.) would have on your department. Even though I anticipate your personal position (and for that matter, the LPD's official position) to be against any extension to alcohol serving hours, I'd like to know the details and, if possible, the data that backs up the opinion that you do hold. I'll get the ball rolling by providing links that support and oppose a later last call time.

Anonymous said...

"With any luck, like flies to...fertilizer, the most troublesome regulars from Opulence et al. will do their trouble-making up in Omaha."

Not if the homeowners in the area have anything to say about it. Evidently Club Nico has turned up the volume, because the noise level (constant thumping) can be heard in people's homes even with the doors and windows closed. Hopefully the police will get involved like they did with Club 108 (next door to Club Nico). Club 108 is now gone.

Anonymous said...

I thought that club was closing it's doors for good in May?