Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lincoln police alumni

Sgt. Ann Heermann, Capt. Dave Beggs and I were involved in a short conversation Monday about unusually successful people who were Lincoln police officers. There are a lot of LPD officers who have gone on to quite successful careers in a variety of fields--some after short stints as Lincoln officers, some after long service. There are six former LPD officers presently serving as police chiefs elsewhere:
  • Jim Hill is the chief of police in Salina, KS

  • Erv Portis is the chief of police in Jackson, MI

  • Charlie Clark is the chief of police in Lexington, NE

  • Steve Lamken is the chief of police in Grand Island, NE

  • John Packett is the chief of police in Grand Forks, ND

  • Al Townsend is the chief of police in Port Orchard, WA
Former LPD detective sergeant Ron Tussing is the Mayor of Billings, MT--where he previously served as police chief. Ron was also the Superintendant of the Nebraska State Patrol, and the Sheriff of Lancaster County, NE. Steve Lamken, Erv Portis, and John Packett have all been chiefs in other more than one municipality. I wouldn't be entirely surprised if there were others I'm not thinking of. I can think of several retired or former police chiefs in various cities who started their police careers in Lincoln.

Several Lincoln police alums who have gone on to accomplished careers in federal law enforcement over the years. One of the more well known is Ron Kirkland, who directed the FBI National Academy for several years now heads the Law Enforcement Activities Division of the NRA. Former LPD detective Sheri Farrar retired last year as an Assistant Director of the FBI--probably the most accomplished LPD officer in the field of law enforcement.

There are others who have distinguished themselves in completely different fields. Here are a few former Lincoln police officers that may suprise you:

  • Col. Steve Adams, Commander of the 155th Air Refueling wing

  • College Football Hall of Famer Wayne Meylan

  • Univeristy of Wisconsin Athletic Director Barry Alvarez

  • Anyone recognize this 25-year old?


Anonymous said...

While on vacation Team 3/TIU/Checks & Frauds say it's Judge McGinn.

Bill said...

Please do not forget my favorite, 29 year LPD veteran, retired Sgt. Dave Harnly who now teaches our next generation of law enforcement officers at the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center in Grand Island. He brings all the professionalism, good ethics and past experiences of the Lincoln Police Department to the entire state in this important capacity.

capt. cordial said...

Here you go. #68 on your 1964 Husker Roster.

Tom Casady said...

Yes, that would be the Honorable Bernard J. McGinn, lately of the District Court for the Third Judicial District of Nebraska, sporting the classic 8-point cap and gray shirt worn by LPD from 1930 to 1976.

The first correct post comes, appropriately, from the Criminal Investigations Team. But Capt. Cordial gets extra credit for including a link!

Anonymous said...

Dont forget Ron Kirkland Director of NRA Law Enforcement Activities

Jenn said...

what are YOU going to be after the job of Police Chief?

Anonymous said...

Was Judge McGinn a permanent LPD employee? I remember the days when LPD would hire UNL football players over the summer. Was this the case for the Judge?

Tom Casady said...

Yes, Judge McGinn was a temp during the summer of 1964. Standby, though, because later this week I'll identify those Nebraska football players who were more than just temporary summer help.

LPD256-Jim Homan said...

Tom-Nice to see you and I use the same barber!! Is Allen Curtis, Head of the Nebraska Crime Commission the same guy from LPD days?

stella said...

that's my Grandpa!

Anonymous said...

Why is there no link for Jim Hill? He is also not on the list for chief of police. Why? There is a little break in 1993 and 1994. Was he there for only a very short while? Why?