Thursday, February 9, 2017

Getting the message?

Yet another pistol has been stolen from a vehicle that was apparently left unlocked overnight from Friday to Saturday. The gun was in the console. As in many of the past cases I've chronicled here, this victim has a concealed carry permit. I continue to advise against leaving your pistol in the vehicle overnight, for just this reason. If you accidentally forget to lock up, the pilferer picks your pistol, rather than just the loose change in your cup holder and your Ray Bans.

This is the first one in several weeks. Maybe, just maybe, people are getting the message.


Anonymous said...

Ever the lonely optimist vs. the giant collection of stupidity...

HuskerXD said...

Director, do you have the stats on how many people are ticketed for violating the 24 hour ordinance?

Anonymous said...

Sorry but the message that should be sent is to the criminals not innocent victims.
I have been writing and calling elected officials for decades trying to get legislation passed imposing MANDATORY sentences for stealing or possessing stolen firearm/s. This is one crime where Judges and prosecutors should NOT be allowed to plea bargain. Mandatory twenty year of life sentences for stealing or knowingly possessing a firearm that is stolen will change things PDQ.
Gun Nut

Steve said...

I tried this once, and maybe you chose not to publish it, or maybe I screwed up submitting it.

I suggested that one possible reason we went without a gun being stolen from a vehicle for some time was not so much that people were heading your suggestion, but perhaps that the stolen gun market was flooded due to the recent thefts at shooting ranges or pawn shops.

Even though I enjoy and learn things from your blogs, I doubt your readership is large enough to affect the stats that much.

I would tend to agree in principle with Gun Nut that greater penalties and longer sentences for those who steal guns, or use them in crimes, would offer a great deal more protection for society, regardless of where law-abiding citizens choose to keep their firearms.