Thursday, April 9, 2015

New leaders

It was bittersweet, over a period of a few weeks this year, to bid goodbye to three great colleagues at the Lincoln Police Department, Capt. David Beggs, Capt. Doug Srb, and Capt. Kim Koluch. I miss them, but it's also nice to see them all retire after long careers with their health and humor intact.

These retirements have created a mini-flood of promotions, as the positions are filled. Promotions at LPD are usually rare events, and there are always many fine candidates to consider. These unusual circumstances have created an opportunity to turn several pages in short order. Here's a shout out to a group of newly-promoted supervisors at the Lincoln Police Department that rose to the top in a pool of excellence.

Sgt. Ben Kopsa
Capt. Jeri Roeder
Sgt. Mario Robinson
Capt. Jeff Bucher
Sgt. Michelle Jochum
Capt. Mayde McGuire
Sgt. Tarvis Banks

All of you make me very proud, and I have been immensely pleased to see you develop into leaders. Your ability to move to the next level, and your willingness to accept the responsibility that comes with rank, is commendable. Best wishes.


Anonymous said...

Great group! Congrats to all!

Seven Mary

Anonymous said...

Why are promotions so rare at LPD?

Tom Casady said...


Once people have advanced to supervisory and managerial positions, they are unlikely to leave prior to retirement. It happens, just not a lot. As a result, we usually see a handful of promotions in a calendar year. In fact, I can remembers some years where we had none: there just wasn't any turnover of sergeants or captains.

It is really unusual to have seven in a matter of a few weeks. A refletion, more than anything, of a cohort of senior managers of about the same tenure reaching retirement age in a short period.

Anonymous said...

Why are there only 3 or 4 Hispanics on the Lincoln Police force. Only one Hispanic Sargent and no Captains. Kind of looks like a white boys and girls club in the back office ?