Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Foiled by Facebook

An interesting case (B4-106047) early this morning caught my attention in today's police reports. Shortly after midnight, an officer was dispatched to a downtown bar, after an employee became suspicious of a customer's true identity. It seems the employee checked her ID to determine if she was of legal age, but noticed that the name on the ID and the name on the credit card presented for payment did not match.

The police were summoned. The customer told the investigating officer that the ID was hers, but the credit card was her mother's, which she had permission to use. The photo ID looked like her, but the officer wasn't completely certain. Lacking any evidence to the contrary, however, no further action was taken. Afterwards, the employees did a little research of there own, and found the social media profile of the name on the credit card. Sure enough, it was unmistakably the customer, who had apparently "borrowed" an ID from someone that looked similar enough to her that it wasn't obvious to the officer at the scene.

The customer had slipped out, so the bar employee notified the officer, and showed her what they had found. She then contacted the defendant by cellphone. She fessed up to the scheme, and voluntarily agreed to meet the investigating officer at police headquarters to receive her citations for minor attempt to purchase alcohol and providing false information to a police officer.

You can find most anything on the Internet these days. Nice work, Duffy's!


Anonymous said...

I tell some of my young friends all the time to be careful what they post on places like FACEBOOK. I have seen several friendships ruined because of casual remarks made on a FACEBOOK page and misconstrued by others.

Then there is the flip side:I use the handle GUN Nut intentionally knowing that it is horribly offensive to many that do not share my belief in the Second Amendment. Oh Well!
Gun Nut

Steve said...

Gun Nut:

Personally, I have no problem with you self-identifying as Gun Nut. I've read enough of your comments here to know that you and I are pretty much on the same page most of the time. I wanted to mention, however, that even ardent second amendment supporters might be offended that you would use such a moniker. Think of it like many black folks who may call each other the N-word, but are offended when a white person uses the word. I don't think you're one of them, but there are many second amendment supporters who, I feel, are a liability to the pro-gun contingency because they are exactly that: nuts. Nothing hurts us more than those who get on their high horse and spout the cliches about "cold dead fingers" and refuse to even consider any kind of gun legislation, regardless how reasonable it may be. The idiots who throw an M-16 over their shoulders and invade a restautant just to make a point do way more harm than good, in my opinon.

You probably already have experienced some negative feedback due to your username, but it isn't all necessarily from the anti-gun crowd. I am personally offended when someone calls me a gun nut, because I feel they are including me in a category of people to which I don't belong.

I'm not suggesting you change your handle, and generally, I don't care what others think of me. Unfortunately, the collateral damages of this type of thing, these days, can spread and effect others whom you intended no harm.

Anonymous said...

You have a valid point. Although I am a CertifiedGunNut add a to that and you have one of my E-mail aliases. Over the years I have got a ton of E-mails from people replying to posts I have left on various newsgroups and Blogs. Most of them have been from people with an anti-gun point of view. After exchanging E-mails with these people on the topic of the Second Amendment I have managed to change a few of their minds about the subject.

On open carry I agree that that is not good PR for our gun rights issues. I much prefer concealed carry. My big issue with concealed carry is the tremendous cost involved. The fees and cost of training put legal concealed carry beyond the reach of a lot of us. I live in a poorer part of Lincoln and MOST of the violence in the area is either domestic or drug related. At the present time I do not have a concealed carry permit. I haven't felt a need to carry so far. However if I do feel the need to carry protection I will do it in the open.


Nakedbabytoes said...

Is this really the place to discuss someone's chose screen name as fodder for debate?

Good on the employees for following up on this when things looked suspicious and LPD for following through. Glad I live here, Lincoln is a safe place to live and raise a family. Thanks for being a great leader, Chief Casady.