Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Picture this

Sometimes a picture makes a point more succinctly than several paragraphs of text, or several minutes of speech. Last night the City Council was discussing a proposed bond issue to replace our public safety radio system and to spread our existing  fire & rescue resources out to four new stations in better locations. I was trying to inform the city council of the benefit or relocating the fire & rescue resources. Essentially, the bigger footprint reduces the number of address outside our reach in four minutes by 66%.

Pink polygons are the current four minute travel time coverage, and the new coverage area after we move to the four new locations. Dark gray background is the current city limits. Yellow dots are the 9,783 addresses inside the city, but more than four minutes from a station. This is a nice use for an animated .gif, even though the argument failed to carry the day.


Anonymous said...

Good for the city council. Time to do more with less, PSD Casady.

Cynic said...

Mr. Director, I realize either you can't or won't comment on the council's decision; or lack thereof. Kinda reminds me of our Congress. Let's just do nothing. I lost count on how many times I heard "My number one priority is public safety." Yet after your and other presentations citing the consequences of inaction; three people of a particular political persuasion decided they would not allow the public to vote on the issue. All of your research and work was trumped by "property owners cannot afford another $2 per month". How does that make you feel. Really...How does it make you FEEL?

Anonymous said...

Duh...politicians always know what's best for people...silly citizens aren't smart enough to figure things out...that's why we elect these super smart, honest, sacrificing people.

Anonymous said...


I sure hope that wasn't an LPD badge.

Tom Casady said...


It was an ID badge for a facility, not law enforcement.


I'm an optimist. I heard all six of the council members present say emphatically that they support the need for these projects, and I'm hopeful that we can overcome any reservations.