Thursday, June 19, 2014

Congratulations and best wishes

Last night was the graduation for the newest class of Lincoln police officers. The Lancaster Ballroom at the Cornhusker Hotel was packed with family, friends, and coworkers. The graduation does double duty as the department's award ceremony for officers and citizens, and one of the nice things about this is that as these awards are bestowed, the new recruits get to hear about the incredible work of their peers. They will have the same opportunity to make a difference in this community--beginning this morning, actually, for some

Congratulations and best wishes to:

Luke Batterman
David Burruss
Colby Dahlke
Matt Gilleland
Eric Gordon
Chris Johnson
Brian Nicholson
Amanda Pfieffer
Aaron Rensch
Andrew Winkler

I wish you the same fulfilling, exciting, demanding, and rewarding career all those officers who walked across the stage to accept their awards enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Good luck kids. You should have gone to LFR.

Anonymous said...

Hope they had a class on civil issue VS. Criminal issue. CHOP CHOP

Anonymous said...

It'd sure be nice if you would recognize the veteran officers who received awards. They are the ones who are really deserving. Anyone can make it through the academy these days.