Friday, April 11, 2014

What I would have written

I apologize to my loyal readers for neglecting the blog this week. Truth is I've been sick since last Saturday, in bed a couple of days, and needed to extra zzzzzs. All better now, though. Here's what I would have written about this week, had I not been such a slug:

A pair of two-alarm fires stretched Lincoln Fire & Rescue, and required a lot of resources at the same time. Both were successfully extinguished without any injuries. Listened to the whole thing on my radio while wrapped up in my blankie looking pitiful. Nice work by everyone involved.

Would have expected the Molotov cocktail vandal (alleged) to be more like 17, rather than 27. You might recall that these were tossed during a red flag warning, when the wind was howling out of the south. We are lucky he didn't set Nebraska and both of the Dakotas on fire.

And really, really?


ARRRRG!!!! said...

Witnesses report the Child Welfare Speaker was yelling THIS at his victims.

French Lawn Boy said...

So you weren't pulling our leg when you gave us the speech one time on leaving a good impression with our customers as numb as we can become. I met a gentelman that brought back the gas money from the Kansas City waitress. Funny!