Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wait just a minute, there

Interesting article on the front page of this morning's Lincoln Journal Star about a proposal by an out of state developer to build a parking garage and 200 unit apartment complex on land roughly between Q and O Streets, 18th St. and Antelope Valley Parkway. The accompanying photo (and map, in the print edition) shows the area under consideration, directly across Q Street from the large complex named 50/50, which is nearing completion.

In fact, that is where the photo was shot from, looking to the southeast. In the photo, it appears there's already a pretty substantial building on the south side of Q Street, though, in the area where both the photo and the map depict the new project landing. Wait just a minute, there. I think I recognize that building. Well, my goodness, that's 1801 Q Street, Lincoln's Fire Station Number 1, and Fire Headquarters.

Nobody has talked to me about this proposal, nor Fire Chief John Huff. Replacing that facility would be quite an undertaking. It is both are largest and busiest fire station in the city, by a considerable margin.


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Can you blog about the new fire truck purchase for LFR? What were they buying in the past if this is a bare bones model? Were they being extravagant in the past? What exactly are the differences?

Tom Casady said...


The last time we bought fire engines, the department became mired in allegations of improper contact with the vendor, and playing fast-and-loose with the specifications. Part of the problem was that we ordered several modifications to the units--things like special lighting and compartment doors. It wasn't extravagant, but every modification drives up the cost. The real problem was that we dealt directly with the vendor, rather than going through the City purchasing agent, and either made or accepted changes that were not consistent with the original bid specifications.

This time, we are buying a "program pumper," essentially a stock model.

It is the difference between going to the Ford dealer and picking out an F150 on the lot, versus going into the office and choosing from among all the available factory options--then insisting on some special tires, a non-stock trailer hitch, and aftermarket push bumper.