Monday, January 6, 2014

Stay warm

It's -8 F in Lincoln right now. If you're tempted to start your car in the driveway, though, and let it warm up for a few minutes, be forewarned: you're just tempting someone to steal it--unless you've got one of those fancy remote starters with theft-protection features.

Just before midnight last night, that's exactly what an owner did with his 2007 Lexus, which was gone a few minutes later. The thieves who benefitted from the warm car, though, were spotted about 45 minutes later by Officer Brian Golden. The pair bailed: female driver, male passenger. Bad night to be on foot in Lincoln, though, and they were quickly located by other officers and a Nebraska State Patrol trooper who flooded the area.

Turns out the suspects had switched drivers after a stop. The women was driving because she was the only one with a valid driver's license. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

Losing a boot in this weather has to get the bootless foot real cold real fast.

Steve said...

I'm fortunate enough to have a remote starter that will start my truck with the doors remaining locked. Even if someone were to break their way in, the truck will die immediately if they try to drive it away without putting the proper key in the ignition. I probably spend an extra $100 or so a year in extra gas to warm it up. What can I say but I'm too old to be cold.

I don't suppose it matters much which of the two were driving the stolen Lexus. Aside from whatever wimpy sentence the male will get for stealing the car in the first place, they'd just suspend or revoke his license again for driving without a valid license (like that did a lot of good).

That being said, congrats to the police for catching the pair so quickly.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! The part about having the legit license is really funny! Nice work to all who were involved with nabbing the thieves.

ARRRRG!!!! said...

When it's this cold, business is sure slow. You can still have fun outside.

Anonymous said...


Just an off topic question, but I'm not near a phone book. Am I right in thinking that the only North/South arterials without any breaks are 27th and 84th? And, I guess 70th if you don't count the railroad by Cornhusker. Thank you, sir.

Tom Casady said...


Yes, I think that's true. 48th St. comes pretty close, except it ends at Old Cheney Road. Also, 56th Street comes pretty close, running from Havelock to Saltillo Road--at least if you're headed southbound (it's a one way between P and Randolph). While not a straight north/south shot, you've also got the 14th/Highway 2/10th/I-180 route, and the Highway 77/Homestead Expressway/I-80 route that both function pretty much like a big arterial street, even though they involve some sweeping curves and ramps.