Thursday, October 24, 2013

Same question

This week's fatal school shooting in Sparks, Nevada had me asking the same question again, and wondering whether my ideas are just too simple-minded to possibly have an impact on a few of these tragedies.


Anonymous said...

Actually, Tom, we'll never know how many lives may have been saved because of your ideas.

Anonymous said...

I always assume that the suspect in these sort of incidents had been prescribed psychiatric drugs, until proved otherwise by official statements. The drug companies don't want you to notice how often those drugs and school shootings coincide, but coincide they usually do. Gun grabbers don't want you to notice it either, because it muddies the message of their crusade.

Let's remind everyone where this local area school shooter got his gun - from his OPD officer father.

Perhaps if we didn't let police officers keep guns in their home, but rather required them to leave them at work when off-duty, this wouldn't have happened. Ridiculous? Yes it would be, but no more ridiculous than a lot of proposed restrictions on non-LEO civilians, half-bright ideas that always pop up like toe fungus after every incident like this one.

Anonymous said...

If everyone in the USA wore seatbelts and/or child seats in their vehicles, in just one year, we would save more age 0-18 lives than have been lost in all of the mass shootings in the history of the western world (other than those mass executions of civilians performed by governments, of course).