Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Oklahoma City

Several dozen Lincoln Fire & Rescue employees are in the Oklahoma City area assisting in aftermath or Monday's devastating tornado strikes in The suburbs of Newcastle and Moore. The firefighters are part of Nebraska Task Force One, one of 28 Urban Search and Rescue Teams in the United States.

These teams, hosted by local agencies like Lincoln Fire & Rescue, are funded and equipped by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and are called upon for a rapid response to disasters in exchange for the training, equipment, and capability FEMA provides.  These are a tremendous local resource should the need ever occur locally here in Lincoln.

USAR teams have specialized expertise in search and rescue operations where structural collapse has occurred and/or still threatens.  Although the team is composed largely of firefighters and firefighter/paramedics, it also includes medical personnel, structural engineers, and canine teams.

This is a real opportunity to help the local emergency responders in the Oklahoma City area with trained and equipped professionals with both expertise and experience.  We should all be proud in Lincoln for being able to make this Commitment.  You can read more about Nebraska Task Force One here.


Anonymous said...

I have friends in the OKC, Edmond and Norman areas. As far as I know none of these friends lost relatives in this disaster but an event like this disrupts everyone's lives. One of the friends I talked to Tuesday lives South of the path of the tornado but works in the center of OKC. He had to spend the night in a Motel because I-35 was blocked.

My prayers go out to all in this area.

Gun Nut

Anonymous said...

It appears the information you linked to has not been updated in 5 years. You must not be overseeing it or I am sure it would be way more current.

Anonymous said...

Can you discuss staffing for LFR when USAR is deployed? Does FEMA reimburse the city for overtime spent for coverage of these individual's regular duties while they are deployed?

Tom Casady said...


FEMA pays 100% of the costs, including the expense of backfilling the positions of the deployed team members .