Monday, March 11, 2013

Mobile traveler

Yesterday's snowstorm was a bit of a surprise in eastern Nebraska. We are certainly familiar with March snowstorms in Lincoln, but this one was supposed to hang further to the east, with Lincoln predicted to get only a dusting. I will be blowing about 8 inches of that dust off the driveway shortly.

The snow caused all sorts of traffic woes, especially on the Interstate. I was headed to Omaha for lunch with my daughter. An inch of snow wasn't going to deter me, until I started checking the Nebraska Department of Roads web cameras. It was pretty obvious from the cameras between Lincoln and Omaha that the conditions on I-80 were horrid, so we hunkered down and bagged the lunch date.

The NDOR network of traffic cameras is a mighty nice resource for such purposes. The main interface is a map application, the Advanced Traveler Information System. Personally, I prefer Mobile Traveler --which is optimized for a smart phone or tablet. Mobile Traveler presents a simple table of links to the cameras. Despite the fact that I am obviously a GIS and mapping geek, I just find it a little easier to navigate quickly.

You can't beat the near-real time view of conditions these traffic cameras offer. They are great for winter travel, and for checking traffic conditions. The City of Lincoln's extensive network of traffic cameras at major Lincoln intersections provides the same benefits.


Anonymous said...

I understand why the city isn't about to provide the same high-bandwidth, hi-res $$$treaming footage you can access, but is there any chance of having the same still-frame images we peons get now, but for every monitored intersection?

ARRRRG!!!! said...

I keep tabs on Peg Leg Pete with a mobile camera.

Anonymous said...


I don't use StarTran, and I don't believe you do either, but I'm sure that at least some of your staff might. Have you ever heard any feedback on the StarTran bus tracker phone app (now available for both iOS and Android)?