Friday, February 15, 2013

Same thing with fires

I played around a bit yesterday with cartodb, an open source web application to produce map visualizations from tabular data. Yesterday's example used 2012 assaults in Lincoln. Later on Thursday, I received the updated data on Lincoln Fire & Rescue incidents for 2012, so I thought I'd experiment around with that a little bit, too. I ran a query on incidents that were classified as various types of structure fires.  Here's the app, this time using Google's imagery as the basemap.  When you zoom in tight enough, Google switches to oblique imagery, much like Bing Maps. This is a new addition to Google Maps within the last year.  The oblique images in my neighborhood appear to be about one year old

Lincoln Fire & Rescue, 2012 Structure Fires


Fireballs said...

You should do this with last summer's water restriction violators. I have a sinking suspicion that the blips may migrate to the south side of town.

Anonymous said...

Is there any easily-retrieved data on the average and median original build year of residences that catch fire, as well as the average and median assessed value of the same? It might also be interesting to know if all the wiring in a fire-incident home was up to code and if any additional electrical work done later had been inspected.

Watchful said...

@11:06 It seems a number of search parameters could be included to determine all sorts of variables. The date to support queries the "IT guys" come up with, are simply amazing.

Technology Geeks LOVE to experiment. Right Director? :)