Monday, October 29, 2012

Impressive STEMI care

I'm republishing below an email sent out last week by Lincoln Fire & Rescue EMS supervisor Scott Wiebe to his coworkers.  You may have heard the phrase "time is muscle", indicating that when a coronary artery is blocked, time is of the essence. With each passing minute that the heart muscle is starved of oxygen, the severity of damage increases, as does the threat to life.

"Everyone, Unbelievable work!!! Here are the results of the impressive work that is done in our system for patients suffering an S-T elevation MI who are taken to Bryan/LGH East. The national “Gold” time standard is 90 minutes from EMS arrival from first device deployed (FDD). As you can see for quarter 3 of 2012 we averaged 66 minutes which is 24 minutes or 27% FASTER than what is defined as exceptional care. In fact,  looking retrospectively, as a cardiac care system we have outpaced the gold standard from EMS Arrival to FDD every quarter since 2010. I would like to congratulate and thank each of you for the exceptional care that you provide each and every day for patients suffering a STEMI!!  Please let me know if you have any questions and keep up the great work."

To translate (with a litle help from Chief Huff), when people in Lincoln suffer a heart attack, we get them to the hospital, and get a procedure underway very quickly--thus increasing the chance of survival, and decreasing the severity of damage. That's a team effort.


Steve said...

You should have gotten just a litle more help. :)

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many people die from heart attacks in Lincoln because they think "oh it is just heart burn and it will go away"?

Then there is the flip side. How many people are convinced they are having a heart attack and call 911 and they have absolutely nothing wrong?

A Doctor friend told me that every time Oprah Winfrey had a guest on her show talking about some weird disease within a week clinics and ERs would have dozens of patients with symptoms of the Oprah disease. Another Doctor back in the 1970's told me the Marcus Welby TV show caused similar results.

Gun Nut

Anonymous said...

Several years ago, while at work, I experienced the most bizarre, crushing chest pain of my life. I had never had pain like that before. I went into our school's nurse, who in turn, called 911. By the time they got there (about 3 minutes!), I was feeling fine and feeling pretty stupid. No heart problems but since then, it's happened about 5 more times. Apparently, the worst cases of heartburn ever! At any rate, I'm grateful to LFR for the many times my family has had to call them. They're simply the BEST.