Friday, July 6, 2012

Number 1,000

This will be the 1,000th post on my blog, which began on April 10, 2007. I remember back at the beginning, when someone made a comment that 99% of blogs don't survive a year. In honor of 1,000 posts, I'm taking it light on the blogging next week. Someone in my immediate household is celebrating a big birthday, and I'm planning a little R&R for her.

If you need a little reading during my sabbatical, though, here's an option: I was looking at Google Analytics this morning, and these are the 10 most popular posts, in order.  Some of these are well-aged, so Iwouldn't be surprised if some of the internal hyperlinks have gone dead over the years.

Share the road
Police iPad
Exemplary planning and execution
I wonder who drove
Criminal History
Gary got his gun permit
Life well lived
Outside the bubble
Sure sign of spring
Not making this up


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your break and have fun. You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

'A life well lived' still makes me weep. Miss her so much.

Anonymous said...

Don't you usually leave your blog with a guest host? Enjoy the time away.

Steve said...

I'd be happy to guest host. I was a guest columnist for LJS at one time. Oh, that's right, they didn't want to print most of the stuff I wrote. Never mind. :)

Anonymous said...

Director-Since you'll have some free time next week, there is a pretty good chance I'll be having a beer at Laszlo's on Old Cheney Monday evening if you'd be interested in joining me.

Have a nice weekend.


Steve said...

There's a pretty good chance I'll be having a beer every day next week, if anyone wants to join me! :)

Anonymous said...

Is Atticus available? I miss him.

ARRRRG!!!! said...

Congrats on number 1000. Here are some suggestions for your R&R.

Mr Larry said...

Happy Birthday to your wonderful Bride!

Anonymous said...

Since we haven't heard from Atticus in quite some time, maybe Arrrrg could be the guest writer!