Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend fights

Over the weekend (Friday through Sunday), Lincoln police officers investigated 41 assaults.  If that sounds like a lot, it's really not out of the ordinary.  Last year, we investigated 4,852, an average of a bit more than 13 per day.  Of the 41 assaults, 18 were domestic:  they involved people who live together, have lived together, share a child in common, or have a dating relationship.  This definition includes roomies, siblings, and even parent and child.  Not all domestic assaults fit the expected template.  Here is the slightly-sanitized narrative from case number B1-033422, in which a young man called to report a violent attack by his mother:

"Mother reports that she and her adult son became involved in an argument over his cursing at her when she told him to fold his clothes from the wash. Son said during this argument his mother struck him on the left shoulder with the wand of the vacuum. He stated this caused him pain. There was no visible injury and Mom denied the accusation."

The 41 assaults occurred at schools, on buses, at residences, on the street, at a community center, a homeless shelter, a nursing home, and a group home. A common thread was alcohol, which was involved in over half the assaults.  Here are a couple of lightly-edited excerpts from typical examples of the alcohol-related variety:

Case Number B1-033432
"Victim said he was talking to a girl at a party when the suspect came up to them, was being loud and mouthy and said 'I'll fight you for her.' Victim said suspect then 'sucker punched' him in the side of the head and a fight ensued."
Case Number B1-033336
"Victim was contacted walking on the sidewalk with blood running from his mouth. Victim reports that he was walking down the sidewalk on the NE corner of Centennial and O St. A unknown male wearing a black baseball hat, with large biceps and tattoos on his arms struck him in the face causing his top lip to be cut. Victim was unable to give any more description about the party responsible. Victim stated that he didn't want anything done and he only wanted to go home, and walked away from officer with his friends."


JIM J said...

Instant idiot, just add alcohol.

ARRRRG!!!! said...

I think I might have a suspect for B1-033336. He's not a pirate but he is a sailor.

Anonymous said...


How many incidents, of all types, has LPD worked in the 1100 block of New Hampshire St since Jan 1? You might want to restrict it to incidents that were assigned a case #, just to make it easier.

Tom Casady said...


That would be 11, however four of those are really the result of the same affair that occurred on Sunday morning after the bars closed.

Anonymous said...


Thanks! I don't suppose you could give the number for the 1400 block of O St (I promise, that's the last block I'll bug you about).

Tom Casady said...


So far in 2011 = 179, as of midnight.

Anonymous said...

Chief-I'm going to be through Lincoln by myself later in the week. If I stay out of the bars, keep my mouth shut, and go to my room in time to see the evening news, do you think I'll be able to not get into a fight?


Tom Casady said...


Well, I should hope so. I have a vivid recollection of the last fight you got me into, though--at the motel located at N. 56th and Cornhusker/Superior. A radio was involved....

Anonymous said...

Chief-My recollection is the same as yours. Do you think the perp still sees "Motorola" when he looks in the mirror? I'm guessing it faded away by 1980 but his recollection probably remains and his attitude was adjusted.


Anonymous said...

So far [for the 1400 block of O St.] in 2011 = 179, as of midnight.


I'm not sure the tax revenue is worth all the chaos on that block. However, my favorite watering hole was the Library Lounge in Clock Tower (which somewhat betrays my age) for drinks and conversation, but I preferred to fly low and slow. I don't suppose LPD was dispatched there too often. Maybe someone getting a dooor ding in the parking lot, or complaints about the popcorn being too salty.

huskerdan said...

On a somewhat related question,

Since the change of time for bar closings, have you noticed any significant change in incidents becuase of the change?

Steve said...

Another score for Arrrrg!!!!!