Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Been a long time

…since I’ve seen one of these.  If we were still using them when I started, it must have ended pretty soon thereafter.  Anyone out there remember?

Damage Auto Release back LPD
Damage Auto Release LPD


Anonymous said...

Wow another great one I can have made into a bumper sticker....
Jim J

Anonymous said...

Do I ever remember these. In fact, I recall working two accidents involving a motor officer who was enroute to another accident from the station. It was one of these snowy early PM rushes and he was in a cruiser enroute to 70th & Vine I believe. There were a few cars out there that had a bunch of them on the right side of the windshield.


Anonymous said...

Chief-Forgot about them until now. I think the theory was that a damaged vehicle without a release sticker should be investigated for hit and run. In the olden days we had a "hit and run" officer that followed up on those accidents.


Anonymous said...

I think I saw these stickers three times in 1978. Then, my own car, a Honda Civic, was in the shop being repaired from a never-solved hit and run. So I borrowed my father's car. I parked it at my friend's house, and we took his car to an event downtown. I came back to it about midnight to discover my father's car, with this sticker and a cop's business card on the wind shield, and the entire driver's side of the car basically ripped off.

Seems a teenager, driving on his 16th birthday, and super drunk, was being chased by police. He turned a corner at a high rate of speed, lost control, and hit my dad's car.

So now, I had pretty much destroyed 2 cars and was no where near them either time. It was hard calling my dad at midnight to explain why I needed him to come get me. For some reason, the police had not called them, and I am grateful for that.

The teenager was the son of some friends of my parents; and his parents made him come to their house and apologize to them. I think he was still hungover at the time. Luckily, he was uninjured.

Later that same year, the Civic was again hit and badly damaged while parked and I was no where near it. 1978 was not the best year for me carwise.

Anonymous said...

After explaining an accident on private property in '73' officer replied it must have been truthful cause NO-ONE could make up such a story.Still had to wait 2 weeks to see if any hit & run reports matched damage,none did ,so sticker was issued.
Some form of this law might be revisited.

Anonymous said...

Totally off Topic but for those of you that follow Arrrrrg's comments I have to let you know he has branched out.

Sorry Chief but I figured we needed to know this.

Gun Nut

ARRRRG!!!! said...

Gun Nut,

Surprised it came in first considering it was a pirate horse.

Anonymous said...

Were these used because of a city ordinance or was it just something the police department did?

car54 said...

Gun nut


CAR 54

Steve said...

You gotta love a good Arrrg!

Anonymous said...

Can't find Arrrg's YOUTUBE. Any suggestions? I'd love to see it!

Anonymous said...

Try copy & paste into your browser or go directly to YouTube and paste it into their search box. I tried the URL posted on the Chief's blog but it directed me to Simpl or some or page.
Gun Nut