Monday, February 7, 2011

During the Super Bowl

It sometimes slows down significantly during big games, but last night’s Super Bowl failed to stop the drum beat of police incidents.  From the 5:00 PM coin flip until the confetti flew at 9:00 PM LPD officers responded to 48 incidents, which included the following multiples:

3 assaults
2 child abuses
11 disturbances
2 drunks
3 narcotics
3 sexual assaults
6 traffic crashes
2 trespasses
2 suspicious vehicles

Not bad for short stretch on a Sunday night.  The people involved in most of these events would have been better off had they stayed home with a pizza and watched the Packers win. 


JIM J said...

After a very long, but fun week at work, I was sleeping at 1800 and did not wake to some nine hours later. Their are some of us of the male gender who have no intrest in the over paid pro-sports world.
Those who wish to pad those pockets, I say, go for it!
Now it is time to wait a month or two for the return of the Sweedish Bikini Team. Now that is something to stay awake for!

Anonymous said...


Were either (or both) of the 2 child abuse cases connected to any of the other cases? Perhaps the assaults or the narc cases happened in the presence of a child...

Former Deputy D said...

I would blame it on the botched National Anthem and terrible Half-Time Show. After sitting through both, I headed for the fridge to top off my beverage of choice. Packers played well, thus WINNERS!!

Anonymous said...

I have been a fan of the Steelers since the Bradshaw days. However as long as Rothlisberger(?sic) is the QB for the Steelers I will not support them. IMO he is PROBABLY a rapist and at the minimum a person of loose moral standards. A Heck of an athlete for sure but not a Role Model for youngsters.

Gun Nut

Anonymous said...


Is Mr. Allen out on bail, while he waits for his sentencing for those four dope felonies? He really liked slashing tires at one time.

Oh, and on that note, many wish that the very active spree vandals had stayed home instead of slashing tires and shooting vehicle windows. Of course, since current law makes it problematic to aggregate multiple misdemeanor vandalisms into a felony vandalism (or felony criminal mischief) charge, the worst they can get nailed isn't nearly as bad as it would be, in a state that allowed more sensible aggregation.

Steve said...

The Steelers would have been better off if they'd stayed home and watched the Packers win!

Anonymous said...

Chief-You could actually have drunks, drugs, sex, fighting, disturbing the peace, and multiple vehicle offenses at just one location. In Kansas we just refer to that kind of party as a "shindig".


Tom Casady said...


Help me out here: what the difference between a shindig and a shivaree? I can never keep them straight.

Anonymous said...

Chief-I believe "shivaree" can be used in two circumstances:

1. Wedding party
2. When prisoners fight with knives

In some states, a "shindig" as previously defined is sometimes referred to by the more common "family reunion".


Anonymous said...

Doesn't there have to be a wedding involved for it to be a shivaree? I always thought that was where the family, friends and neighbors got together to make noise banging cans and pots to send the newly weds off to their new life together. This was back in the day before we had the extravagant receptions like we have today.

But then again... I could be wrong.