Friday, June 11, 2010

Career opportunity

I am renewing our search for a manager for our Crime Analysis Unit.  Since many crime analysts read the Chief's Corner, I felt this might be a good venue to publicize the opening.  If this seems like deja vu, you are correct: this position was previously advertised, but not filled.  In the interim, at my initiative, the salary range has been raised and we are back in the market place. Applications will open at 4:30 CDT today, on the City of Lincoln's website.  Click here ( after 4:30 today) for the posting and details on the application process.

As you undoubtedly realize from reading this blog, the Lincoln Police Department is at the edge of the envelope in terms of our information resources, our crime analysis, and problem-oriented policing. Our officers are accustomed to swimming in a deep pool of information, and comfortable with information technology.  Moreover, we have a staff that uses that information and analysis to inform street-level police work.  It is a dynamic department for a crime analysis manager.  Follow the links in the label cloud to “Crime Prevention,” "POP," or "Crime Analysis," for many examples. 

Our five-person Crime Analysis Unit (the unit also handles intelligence) is poised to move to a new level of excellence, and opportunities abound.  We are partnering with the Nebraska State Patrol and the Omaha Police Department on the new Nebraska fusion center. We have recently upgraded several information systems and others are in progress, including digital evidence, our public website, automated license plate readers systems, Crimestoppers, digital video, our web-based GIS and dashboard, and more. We have many opportunities that the Crime Analysis Unit will be part of in the near future, and a staff that is anxious to learn and grow.

The Crime Analysis Unit manager will join the police department's other unit managers. Currently, our Service Desk, Records Unit, Information Technology Unit, Property & Evidence Unit, Police Garage, Accounting Unit, Victim/Witness Unit, and Forensic Unit are managed by civilian staff members who participate fully on the department's management team along with their sworn counterparts in operational units. You will work with a chief and a management staff who understand and appreciate the value of crime analysis and the contribution it makes to our success.

The salary range for this position reflects the economic conditions in Nebraska, where the cost of living is comparatively low.  If you are living and working on either coast, you will want to consider in particular the cost of housing in Lincoln, which is quite reasonable.  Take a look at home prices advertised by one of our local real estate brokers, or assessed values on the Lancaster County Assessor's website to get a sense of what your housing dollar buys in Lincoln.  Transportation costs are also low.  Employee parking is free, downtown meters are .50 and hour, and a parking ticket is $10.  This is a very bike-friendly city, with a great trails network. Lincoln is widely-regarded as a great place to raise kids. The City is unusually safe, and maintains its small-town feel despite its population.

This city of a quarter million is home to the University of Nebraska and three other universities and colleges.  We have a beautiful baseball park where the Lincoln Saltdogs and the UNL Baseball team share the facilities. There is nothing quite like Memorial Stadium on game days.  Our voters just approved the development of a new 16,000 seat arena in our historic Haymarket, where a fabulous farmer’s market operates on Saturday mornings.  Lincoln's public schools are first rate. The local arts scene is lively. We enjoy excellent parks and recreation facilities.  We have a variety of top-notch and reasonably-priced locally-owned eateries. I'll put The Oven up against any Indian restaurant in the country, and the craft brews at Lazlo's against any brewpub anywhere. You are 8 hours from Rocky mountain skiing, a bit less than three hours from the Kansas City metro area, and just under an hour from Omaha--all offering great day trip amenities.

I live on the fringe of Lincoln, and my daily commute to police HQ downtown is 15 minutes.  I get a little perturbed if it takes 17.  I actually had to wait through two cycles of a traffic light last night during rush hour. Weekday greens fees at our four 18-hole city-owned courses are $18.  The long-term parking lot at the airport is less than a block from the front door of the terminal, and will set you back $4 per day.  A movie for two with popcorn and a Coke still costs $13,309.  Such is life.

If you are a crime analyst who is tired of spending two hours commuting to and from a job where you are treated like a second class citizen because you don't wear a badge,we offer an alternative.  If you are expected to fetch statistics and make the chief's PowerPoints, I do my own. If you are looking for a chance to spread your wings and grow professionally, we have a challenge. If you simply want to discuss this opportunity, I have a phone and email, and I would love to talk you in confidence:

Tom Casady


Tom Casady said...

Oh, by the way, the salary range for this job is $50,265 - $67,046. We intend to hire a candidate within that pay range, based upon qualifications and salary history.

Anonymous said...

I applied for this position previously, interviewed and was not hired. I am extremely excited about this opportunity and was wondering if you thought it would be a waste of time to reapply. From the look of your post it leads me to believe that you may be searching for someone outside of "The Lincoln Area." Your thoughts?

Steve said...


I've got a master's degree in organizational management, and I've been looking to spread my wings for a long time. Do you have to be an avid CSI fan to be qualified? If not, you can toss my name in the pool!

Anonymous said...

reapply??? LOL, they do not have to do that again...Silly!

Grundle King said...

"Do you have to be an avid CSI fan to be qualified?"

The answer to that question (*puts on shades*) a resounding


Tom Casady said...


Not necessarily looking for someone from outside this area, but the supply of experienced crime analysis supervisors or managers in these parts is pretty slim. CSI, by the way, has nothing to do with crime analysis: the practice of finding patterns and trends in police data that would otherwise be lost or delayed due to the volume of what the police do, then getting that information into the hands of those prepared to act upon it, advising them of the most promising actions, and helping them evaluate the results thereof.

Christopher said...

What is your policy on copious travel to national and international conferences?

Anonymous said...


Probability of another X=High

That's my analysis anyway.....


Anonymous said...


Would you that that those who read this...

If you simply want to discuss this opportunity, I have a phone and email, and I would love to talk you in confidence:

Tom Casady

...but then use this thread to discuss this opportunity would be flagged as "doesn't follow instructions", or something similar?

David said...

An excellent listing of the benefits of living in Lincoln, Cheif.

One additional suggestion though that might just provide the final push to get a wavering candidate to accept your offer: if s/he picks a matinee instead of an evening movie, the cost for two with popcorn and soda falls to $12,258.75!

Anonymous said...

look at driver dob..


Tom Casady said...


They start driving awfully young these days....

Watchful said...

Man did THIS thread get off topic!

I wonder what the in utero driving test is like.

Would the seat belt law apply to these drivers too?

Acutally, I think the news story for this accident
is here.

Zen said...

Yeah, it sucks when Paramount or 20th Century Fox take 90% percent of the first few weeks gross per seat by contract (and if you don't agree to it you don't get the movie), and all the concessions companies are still charging transportation fees per order based on 4.00 gas, so that in order to clear overhead and payroll the local theaters have to raise their ticket/concession prices .25 cents in order to clear a few % above even.

Criminal, I tell you.