Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Reporter’s questions

Last Friday, I spoke with a group of journalism students from the University of Nebraska. This class always comes down to headquarters to learn a little bit about covering the police beat. I could tell that the students were a little intrigued that I publish a personal blog, and I got a couple follow-up questions via email on Sunday. They are a little hard for me to answer, because they are actually directed more towards you, the readers of the Chief’s Corner:

“What do you think or hope having a blog does for the residents of Lincoln who read it and/or know that you have one?

How do you think it impacts how they see the police department or just you? What kind of impression do you think it gives?”


Anonymous said...

Well I'll bite - I readily admit that I am (or maybe was) one of those people that had no clue about what crimes went on in Lincoln other than what I read in the LJS. This blog tells me lots of back story and also a lot about how the LPD works. I also have a better idea about the culture of the police department. One thing I really appreciate is the real feeling that LPD realizes that 95% of the people in this town are on their side. In my few interactions with other departments I can tell you that is not always the case.
The other thing I like is the emphasis on using technology to facilitate their job - while always evaluating the results. One of my pet peeves is "We have always done it this way" with no explanation about why.
Thanks for the blog chief - I think I am a more informed citizen because of it.

Anonymous said...

I am a former employee of LPD and enjoy reading your blog. You are hard working, care about your job and care about the community of Lincoln. What most people don't see from every day contact is your sense of humor. Your blog helps display a side of you that employees and others don't always see. Thank you for sharing some stories that don't make the newspaper and keeping us informed.

Anonymous said...

On a somewhat related note, did you ever see the article the world herald did about the blog. I hope it was positive, it was written by my sister-in-law, but I haven't seen it.

Patty said...

Your blog shows your willing to participate with the community you serve. Something we could use more of where I live. You openly discuss what is going on in your city and how LPD works.

I also really like the fact that you talk about the technology you are using and how it works.

Plus you obviously care about the issues you face,your city,and the officers who work for you. Just the fact that you take the time to write this blog says a lot, because I am sure you are just as busy as everyone else says they are.

Steve said...

I think The Chief's Corner should be required reading, at least for anyone with gripes about the police department. Not that there should be no complaints allowed, but because it presents the reader with another perspective of the issues in question. If one still disagrees, as even I occasionally do, then the chief gets to see things from another perspective. In either case, no one is hurt by the exchange of ideas, and the potential for positive change is increased.

And, don't forget, it gives Arrrrg a place to post his humorous pirate links!

Kiteflyer said...

As a Lincoln resident, this blog is one of the BEST! Not only do I get an idea of what is going on with our police dept., I find a very personable Chief and gain some insight on what goes on behind closed doors. And I'm a GIS user/fan. It is great!

Dave said...

I like the blog because it shows the Department is responsive to the citizens and community. I've also learned more about the history of the city and the Department too. All in all, I think the blog is very cool and serves a very good purpose in informing the community on items of interest. I also get some very good laughs in reading the comments.

I'll also go as far as to say, that at one time I didn't much care for Tom, but after reading this blog and how he really cares about his job and the people of Lincoln, he's turned my attitude around.

Thanks for that Tom!

Bill said...

For myself I appreciate that you have put a human face on a vital public service that by its very nature is impersonal. The people like me, who (after a few encounters as a youth) almost never encounter a member of LPD, despite having asked for your help upon more than one occasion. Keep up the blog, and keep up the good work.

arthur said...

Hello Chief, I say that out of respect to you and the way you treat your employees and citizens of Lincoln! I live in Phoenix, AZ. and really enjoy reading your blog. WOW, What a GREAT POLICE DEPARTMENT..... Keep Up the GREAT WORK! p.s., your willingness to keep the Morale High is much appreciated. A pat on the back goes a long way. As you know, HIGH MORALE = LOW CRIME.... it's a fact that a HAPPY OFFICER CRUSHES CRIME!!!!!!