Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Swoop and scoop

Here's a good example of something I see quite frequently: our late shift officers using great tactics to respond to a crime-in-progress call, by setting up a perimeter then methodically and patiently searching out the suspect.

When I look back on my own tendencies, I was far to quick to rush to the scene, when I should have been lurking a few blocks away, silent and dark, just watching and waiting. It seems to me that we've just gotten so much better at this in the past few years. This example is from the Southwest Team, but I think the compliment could be broadly applied to all our officers who work in the wee hours.


Anonymous said...

If you didn't have Schellhorn's prints before, you've got them now. I hope the burglary charge sticks, or at least isn't PBed down to a misdemeanor. Something tells me this isn't his first contact with area law enforcement (even though it's his first county court case), nor will it be his last, not by a long shot.

Did you already have prints on file for any of the juvies that you charged, or were they all as pure as the driven snow up to this point?

Tom Casady said...

It is probably not appropriate for me to comment since criminal cases are pending.

I think that your question was rhetorical, anyway.

ARRRRG!!!! said...

Sorry I missed a few posts. I've been out of town.

Tom Casady said...


Good to know that you are alive and well. Some of the regular readers were concerned about the timing of your absence.

The parking permit has earned you a reprieve from walking the plank. Nicely done. Atticus has surfaced, too. The Fung Shuei of the Chief's Corner is now restored.

Anonymous said...

I read this story last night and it made me really sad. I'm a teacher, and worked REALLY HARD with Dillon a couple of years ago TRYING to help him make some changes in his life. He quit. Left. And I've wondered what he was doing. Now I know. Sad too. He's "one of those kids" who, if they would apply themselves to something constructive...they could probably do very well.

On another note, I live in the area of Meiers, and enjoy stopping there. The staff is always so kind, and helpful in making a selection. I'm REALLY GLAD you guys caught these kids. It makes me angry when kids (or anyone) is destructive to other people's hard work.

Anonymous said...

Chief thanks for pointing out the good work of street cops, I feel they get left out on much of the support from upper management. It seems they get in trouble for non issues then praised for everyday work that goes above and beyond. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...


Could you tell me how many officers are in LPD?

Thank you,

Jenn W.

Anonymous said...

By the way, the officers that work the 1600- 2400 are great too.


Tom Casady said...


I agree, of course.

317 Lincoln police officers, chief to recruit and all in between.

Anonymous said...

Chief, Can you tell us how many officers there were 15 years ago?

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in how many officers you had working the street 15 years ago compared to today.
I'm not talking plain clothes, detectives, investigator, sgt's, or Capt's. Just officers that take calls everyday in uniform.
Let's see those stats.

Tom Casady said...


There were 252 police officers on January 1, 1994.


Will this work for you? If not, how about this? If not, go to our online archive of annual reports, and you can make your own counts from the personnel rosters.

Anonymous said...

This was on the SW team but there were officers from SE, NW and Center involved as well. A NW officer found the two that were hiding behind the house.

I think this shows all of the teams have their acts together as a whole, which is a good thing.