Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Treemap of CFS

A comment on yesterday’s post about the 2008 Annual Report suggested the use of a treemap to visualize the list of selected calls for service in our Annual Report. The comment included a link to download an Excel add-in to produce treemaps. I had never heard of a treemap, but being interested in such things, it caught my attention, so I followed the instructions. Here’s what it looks like, applied to that data on page 39:

One thing led to another, and pretty soon, I had discovered a whole world of analytics and visualizations I hadn’t really known about. Juice Analytics really caught my attention, and I quickly was working my way through in-cell bar charts in Excel, a nice visual for many of the spreadsheets I use to track various kinds of comparative and categorical crime data.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting! I'm not in LE but love learning so many things from your blog. Might have to use some of these charts aids.

The cheese stands alone said...

Reminds me of paint chips, though that scheme would make for one ugly room, unless it was a Valentine's Day love nest.

Steve said...

Too complicated for me!

Tom Casady said...


It's not you. If you had been reading longer, you would know that I even bore myself sometimes. It's that writer's block thing.