Friday, April 13, 2007

Higher authority

My secretary, Virginia Fischer, Lincoln's most competent and compassionate public employee, had that look on her face early this afternoon. I know the look.

Among her many duties, Ms. Fischer opens and sorts my incoming mail--about a foot of it every day. She handed me a letter, handwritten in pencil on lined notebook paper.

It was dated March 18, but arrived today, April 13, 2007. Mail from prison must take a while. It was from Terry Reynolds, who murdered my friend and colleague, Deputy Sheriff Craig Dodge 0n March 14, 1987.

Apparently a few days before the postmark, Reynolds had read a story in the Lincoln Journal Star commemorating the 20th anniversary of Craig's death, and had been moved to write me, to apologize for the trauma he may have inflicted on others, and to tell me about his attempts to make amends for his "life choices."

Virginia was right. I found the letter quite disturbing.

I do not think about Terry Reynolds. Neither do I care to be updated on his efforts to lead a Christian life in prison. Reynolds should seek his forgiveness from higher authority.


Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong - I <3 U Chief Tom - but I have to wonder if this is your little way of telling T.R. to F.O.???

foxspit said...

Forgiveness can be hard to give. Sometimes it seems impossible. But it can be done. You may be surprised at how it makes you feel.

Anonymous said...

The idea about amends as I understand it is that it should NOT inflict MORE pain and suffering on those we have hurt by reminding them of those events. Obviously a lession T.R. has yet to learn. My heart goes out to those affected by that horrific tragedy.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you care about much of anything.

You violate the people's rights every day without a second thought. You also seem to think policy = law.

You should be in there with Mr. Reynolds.

Anonymous said...

TR is lucky to have the mail read. I would have to throw it in the garbage for the janitor to read.
Tr is nothing more than adriblet of crap.

Anonymous said...

ANONYMOUS April 18...

Imagine that, somebody who thinks the police is only out to ruin everybody else's good time.

Try taking a Citizen's Academy course. Learn what LPD does on a daily basis. You'll find out that police are people, too and are only out to protect what WE THE PEOPLE have asked them to protect.