Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Perfect for this purpose

A couple of years ago, the Lincoln Police Department acquired a software product, PowerDMS, in order to more effectively manage the documents associated with the accreditation process of the Commission for Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies. In the implementation process, however, we also discovered that PowerDMS was an excellent platform for managing the distribution of written directives, when you need to have a record that the directive was received and reviewed by each individual employee.

Pleased with this functionality, both the Emergency Communications Center and  Lincoln Fire & Rescue subsequently adopted PowerDMS. Another great use for PowerDMS has been certain types of training. Yesterday, I took three short courses, after I received an email notifying me that they were pending in my inbox: one on equal employment opportunity, a second on motor vehicle pursuits, and a third on the safe use of tire deflation devices. Two of these consisted of PowerPoint presentations, the third was a video.

All three of these training courses were refreshers I could complete on my own schedule and at my own pace. There is now a record of my participation, and if anyone needed to do so, they could review the amount of time I spent in each session. There can also be a quiz associated with a training course. While this kind of training doesn't take the place of the classroom or the field exercise, it is an excellent delivery mechanism for the type of material in these sessions, and perfect for this process.


Anonymous said...

I would imagine Power DMS also makes it easier to update General Orders on the fly as well as documenting that someone has read the updated G.O. so there's no longer the 'I didn't know about it' defense.

Anonymous said...

What does the Power Point presentation on pursuits look like? One slide with the word TERMINATE?

Steve said...

Anon @ 1:33,

Funny, but was it meant to be? I know there are different views on high-speed pursuits. Personally, if someone has committed a serious crime or is likely to do so, I'm all for high-speed pursuits when necessary. I would hate to see an innocent person injured or killed as a result, but when it is likely that someone will be injured or killed if a pursuit does not take place, I would make the call and try to prevent it.