Tuesday, December 20, 2011

'tis the season

I counted 22 cases reported to the police theft or vandalism involving Christmas lawn displays since Thanksgiving. Fortunately, no babies have been reported stolen from mangers (yet), but we are missing a small flock of geese, and a damaged donkey. A reindeer named Rudolph has been smashed, and another unnamed reindeer is missing in action; possibly Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Cupid, Comet, Donner, or Blitzen.

A polar bear has been stolen, along with two penguins, one snowman, and a pair of Santas.  One of those Santas has a serial number, so if you encounter a shady character trying to sell you a Santa out of the trunk of his car at a too-good-to-be-true price, be sure to check the base for the number 8500, lest you purchase stolen goods.

In a twist of irony documented under case number B1-116522, someone stole the Grinch that stole Christmas from a home on North 15th Street.  What goes around, comes around.


Steve said...

I recently saw a news story of some ladies who stole some Christmas lawn ornaments. It was all caught on video. These two women were foolish enough to re-erect the ornaments on their own lawn just down the street. Given that kind of stupidity, it's possible your missing flock of geese are pulling a sleigh at 48th and J. I don't recall seeing a display like that before, so it might be more than coincidence.

Anonymous said...

I always laugh at these. Sorry, people, but if you like it, chances are some miscreant will like it, too. If you value it, don't put it outside your house. I KNOW that it's pathetic that people steal holiday decorations, children's bikes, grave decorations and the like. But they are soft targets of opportunity. Don't want it stolen, don't put it out there.

There was a letter to the editor the other day from a woman thanking someone for turning in her purse which she had left in a shopping cart at Home Depot. Moral of story: DO NOT put your purse in the shopping cart kid seat. I see this all the time in stores, and am so tempted to pick up the purse and hand to the woman and say, "gee, see how easy it was for me to take this? Don't leave it here for some less honest person to steal." Of course, I'm sure all I would get is a snarly response from the blue hair, but still.....

Anonymous said...

Did the flock of Pink Flamingos that disappeared a few years ago ever migrate home?

Gun Nut

Steve said...


Based on your theory, people shouldn't own anything. Afterall, if it isn't outside and easily accessible, theives will simply break in to get it. So, if you don't want it stolen, don't own it?

I hope you don't ever try to pull my wife's purse out of her shopping cart just to show her how easy it was. If she doesn't brain you with it herself, I probably would.

Anonymous said...

Steve: I hope your wife "brains" me, whatever that means; does that mean she'll pound some sense into me? I would welcome that.

But if she is 20 feet from me in a store, with her back to me, perusing something in the meat case or frozen food bunker, she will never see me take her purse. I see women leaving their purses unattended every time I go to the grocery store. People are breathtakingly unaware of their surroundings. That's all I was trying to convey. But I'm clearly an idiot.

And I did not say that one should own nothing lest someone break in and take it; you said that. I did say that if you value it, do not put it out as someone else will value it as well, even for just the maliciousness of the whole thing. We live is a sad society, not Mayberry.

We put nothing outside that if it were to disappear, we would care about it. Why offer up such an easy opportunity?

Anonymous said...

It's just a shame that people steal or vandalize what others work so hard to have. I'd love to do some nice landscaping in my front yard, complete with a small fountain and a gazing ball but I know as soon as I did, it would become a target, so the nice stuff has to be put in the back yard.

As for the purses in the grocery carts, I agree. I can't believe more purses aren't taken from the carts. Often, I have seen women walk down an isle checking out items and they are 10 feet from their bag, which is sitting wide open and available in the cart. I always use the safety belts and lock my purse in, through the straps, if I have it with me. I suppose it won't keep someone from trying to grab it but at least it will slow them down if they have to unhook the seat belt!

Merry Christmas to you all and PLEASE, stay safe out there.

Anonymous said...

All-When I see an opportunity for a crime to happen, such as a lady leaving her purse unattended, or someone leaving their car running at a convenience store on a cold day, or a little kid unattended in a public restroom, etc. I just kind of shake my head and observe to make sure the crime doesn't happen. I guess if it did, I'd "brain" the perp. I have a lot of situational awareness and can't stop playing the "what if" game. At least I could be a pretty good witness. We all need to pay attention to help protect our fellow citizens from themselves.

Merry Christmas to all.


Steve said...

3:07 and others:

I'm not saying it is wise for women to leave their purses in their shopping carts, especially if they are going to walk away from them more than a foot or two. However, even to make a point, I don't think it would be wise, or appreciated by most, to grab it as if you were going to steal it.

I also agree that a person is risking a theft (or vandalism) when they leave things outside the house. I don't believe we should give in to the darker side of humanity just to save a buck or two. Doing that, society just becomes darker yet. Instead, I suggest being prepared and protecting your property as best you can without simply giving up. Afterall, as I said earlier, if someone wants your stuff badly enough, even a locked door isn't going to stop them. I see it in the crime reports every single day, even in my own neighborhood, which is relatively good compared to many.

I've lost things to burglars and vandals over the years, but I wouldn't forego having them simply for fear they would be stolen.

God have mercy on those stealing or vandalizing my property if I do catch them, because I won't.

Anonymous said...


I see this all the time in stores, and am so tempted to pick up the purse and hand to the woman and say, "gee, see how easy it was for me to take this? Don't leave it here for some less honest person to steal."

By all means do it, may the woman see you do it, and be an off-duty cop. You said you'd state that you'd just taken it, which would be an admission of theft. Enjoy your larceny arrest. Go on, give in to the temptation.