Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Mayor Beutler's swearing in ceremony and a proposed changes to the City's alarm ordinance brought me to Monday's City Council meeting.  I needed to stay around after the swearing ceremony to testify about the minor modifications to the alarm ordinance we are advocating, in order to make it a little easier to administer and a bit more fair to the permit holders.

In between the two, however, was the monthly Mayor's Award of Excellence, which went to Lincoln Fire and Rescue's Capt. Jeff Hatcher, for a project he undertook to ensure that Lincoln's deaf and hard of hearing citizens had special smoke detectors that emit a strobe light, a low-frequency tone and a vibration. Capt. Hatcher  discovered this gap in the community safety net, and stepped in to ensure that it was closed.  The eloquent impromptu remarks he made in accepting the award, to a packed house in the Council chambers, would cause the buttons to pop on any City employees vest.  Great work, Jeff!


Anonymous said...

eloquent: Was once mispronounced as elephant and Plea was pea. So The eloquent plea for the speaker became: We are today going to make an elephant pea for our nation.
And so is another day in the life of a United Nations Speaker. Dialect is interesting. Here are some others.. Wine Street (Vine Street) shi**Y Union (City Union) Auto-Topsy (Autopsy) Smoke Inhalation (Smoke Inhumiliation) Twenty-Third Street (Tweenty-Turd Stweed) And my best one I have got yet Family Housing (Fawmoly How-Zing)
So glad to know that LFR has these well spoken people. Well done with not a single ya know, or U-Know...or and ah..

hillbilly said...

Thank you for your comments about our son, Jeff Hatcher.
It caused our buttons to pop also as we were able to watch him receive his award on our computer.
We now live in Branson, Missouri, but try to keep up on things in Lincoln.
We were good friends of Pete & Joyce Wagner when we square danced and still lived in Lincoln.

Thank you again

Stan & Shirley Hatcher

Anonymous said...

Nice to see an agency recognizing another agency!

Unknown said...

Thank you Chief!

Jeff Hatcher